Difference Between Online Doctor Service And Repeat Prescription

Difference Between Online Doctor Service And Repeat Prescription

The online pharmacies are coming up with better services every day, which indeed has improved the life of the common man significantly. These pharmacies have recently introduced many features for the convenience of their customers. They have introduced such measures to ensure the safety of the customers, regarding medicinal drugs. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are some medications which cannot be sold with the consent of a doctor, that is, without a prescription. This rule framed by the FDA, is mainly for the people who take self-medications. Self-medications can be dangerous as most of the people do not have much knowledge regarding the medicines and take whichever feels effective. This may prove dangerous and can pose serious physical threats to people. To avoid such threats, the online pharmacies have introduced the method of online doctor service through which the customers can consult with the doctor regarding their issue and can get a prescription to purchase the medicine.

Is online doctor service helpful enough?

The online doctor service helps the people to consult with the doctor about the physical problem. Through these services, people can get the right healthcare decisions. The online pharmacy will allow you to chat with the doctor by sharing your personal physical reports as all the chats are protected with high security features. After the chat session, the doctor may prescribe you a prescription from which you can order medication online to treat your health issues. But this service also has its disadvantages. Not all the people are able to consult with the doctor properly, due to the lack of knowledge. Most of the people do not have proper knowledge regarding the English language, which is the only language option to consult with the doctor. Thus, they avoid the process of consultation. There are major chances of wrong treatment which eventually gives rise from the wrong diagnosis as there is no chance of doing a proper physical check-up. Comparatively, the charges of the doctor are quite high, in the case of online doctor service. So many customers tend to avoid this process and generally opt for the repeat prescription method.

Why do people prefer repeat prescriptions over online doctor service?

The process of repeat prescriptions (2) is also very common nowadays and serves as a better option than the online doctor service. This process does not need any kind of consultation with the doctor. According to this process, if you purchase a particular medication for a long time from the same online pharmacy, then the company authority can give you a repeat prescription. All you need to do is to provide a written request through mail or fax, requesting the repeat prescription. Though this is not an instant process, it will not take more than two or three days for the completion of the whole process. This process of repeat prescriptions is reliable and does not involve huge costs. Along with the prescription, a particular guide is also provided for the satisfaction of the people. So, many people have shifted their attention to repeat prescriptions as opposed to the online doctor service.