Factors to consider before taking any daily erectile dysfunction drug

Factors to consider before taking any daily erectile dysfunction drug

Tadalafil which is popularly known as Cialis is a popular drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). One of its unique features is that its dosage has been broken down to a small dose that can be taken on a daily basis. So, that means you can engage in sexual intercourse any day. Unlike other brands of ED drugs that require you to take them anytime you intend to have sex.

To avoid taking more dosage than necessary, it is advisable to start your Cialis dosage with 2.5 milligrams. However, if it is not as effective as you want, you can increase your daily dosage to 5 mg. Well, this is not the only approach. You could opt for other traditional erectile dysfunction drugs like Levitra, or Viagra. If you prefer to stick with Cialis, you could also go for a nondaily version of Cialis.

However, for better results and to avoid side effects, before you select daily Cialis, you may need to consider the factors below and discuss them with your doctor.

How often do you have sex?

First of all, you need to consider the frequency with which you have sex. For those who have sex more than twice a week, the daily Cialis is a good choice since the drug will be running in their bloodstream all the time.

Do you want spontaneity?

Taking the pill on a daily basis makes you ready for sex any time. Remember, she can ask for it (sex) when you least expect. In other words, daily usage of Cialis prepares you for impromptu sex. However, that is if it works for you. No ED drug works for everyone. Even the nondaily version of Cialis also offers a substantial level of spontaneity.

Are you worried about possible side effects?

While taking a daily low-dose pill will lower your chances of encountering any side effects, it will also reduce its effectiveness. Even if any daily ED pill will give any side effects, they are usually mild ones like back pain, indigestion, muscle pain, and headache that usually disappear on their own. If you are really bothered about side effects, daily pills should be your best bet.

Consider your alcohol consumption too

You may need to reduce your consumption of alcohol if you intend to take daily version of Cialis because their combination has been linked to low blood pressure.

Do you take other medications?

ED drugs react lethally in the body when they come in contact with certain drugs especially nitrate-based drugs. So, if you are on any medication, you should consult your doctor before you begin to take any ED drug.

Is cost a constraint for you?

You may need to base your choice on affordability. The daily version of Cialis seems to be the cheapest at http://www.viagrasoft.org/ since it is believed that a 30-day supply of it has the same cost as just 8 pills of its 36-hour version. However, it has not been confirmed. Besides, different pharmacies offer different prices for the same ED drugs.